However, social commerce also faces a few challenges, such as:

An absence of security and trust. Consumers may be suspicious about the trustworthiness, safety, and worth of the products and services they come across on social media.
Lack of convenience and coordination. To finish their transactions, users might need to switch between several platforms or services, which can be annoying and time-consuming.
Insufficient engagement and loyalty. Because users are easily distracted by other content and offers, they can experience low connection and retention with products and suppliers they meet on social media.

We developed Svipes, an exclusive social commerce platform for Instagram influencers and their followers, to address these issues.

Svipes solves these issues by offering:

  • Trust and Security. Svipes verifies the influencer’s identities and product reputations by providing secure and quick payment options.
  • Convenience and Connectivity. With Svipes, users can shop on our website without leaving the social media sites, and the checkout process is simple and quick.
  • Engagement and loyalty. Svipes builds a strong relationship between the influencers and their customers by offering them personalized discounts, suggestions, product recommendations, reviews, and feedback.

Feel the Difference with Us

  • Feel Proud with Svipes: As your revenue and sales figures rise, you'll feel delighted with yourself. You will enjoy the rewards of your hard work and passion.
  • Feel Recognized with Svipes: You'll feel recognized and appreciated as you build your brand's image and attract new audiences. You'll distinguish yourself from the competition and become a leader in your niche.
  • Feel Relaxed with Svipes: Allowing us to take care of customer service and logistics will make you feel at ease and stress-free. You will have more time and energy to focus on what you love and your area of expertise.
  • Feel Audience Happiness with Svipes: You will feel happy and fulfilled as you add value and impact your audience. You will build lasting relationships and loyalty with your customers and peers.
  • Feel successful with Svipes: You will feel excited and motivated as you grow your business and achieve your goals. You'll become a prosperous business owner who leads a life of happiness.

Here is how it works

  • Influencers use Svipes to set up their online store and list their products on our website.
  • Influencers promote their products on Instagram, and direct their followers to their Svipes store via a link.
  • With just a few clicks, customers can purchase products from their preferred influencers when they shop on Svipes.

Additionally, we offer features and benefits to customers as well as influencers, like:

  • Easy and fast setup, order and payment processing, customer engagement, and loyalty for influencers.
  • Product discovery and curation, a smooth and customized purchasing journey, and customer support and community.
Buyers trust us

This is what we do

We are Svipes, the social commerce platform for Instagram influencers and their followers. We help influencers in selling their products on our website, and customers buy products from their preferred influencers.

What is there for influencers?

In only a few minutes, set up your Svipes online store and add products to our website. Select from categories such as cuisine and fashion. Decide on your pricing, shipping, and return policies.

Make money from your content and audience while expanding your brand and company. Join our community of influencers, and connect with other cool creators and entrepreneurs.

On Svipes, work together with other influencers and exchange tips, insights, and opportunities.

A: Use our tools to create product links and post them on Instagram with hashtags, tags, and captions.

A: Choose your payment option and receive your money within 24 hours after shipping your order.

A: Use our dashboard to track your sales, inventory, and order status. Ship your products with our delivery network and let us handle customer service and packaging.

A: Use our secure and fast payment options and complete your purchase without leaving the social media platform.

A: Enjoy reliable delivery and track your order status and location. Contact our customer support team or use our return and refund policies if you have any issues or questions.

A: Join our community and interact with other customers and fans who share your interests. Share your thoughts, experiences, and feedback, and discover new influencers and products.

What is there for your audience?

With Svipes, you can easily find and buy products from your preferred influencers. Enjoy a seamless and personalized shopping experience.

Browse through curated selections of products based on your preferences and interests. You can follow influencers to be informed of their new items and deals.

Find and buy quality products that match your style and taste, while supporting your favorite influencers and their causes. Join our customer community to interact with other fans and shoppers who share your interests.

Share your thoughts, experiences, and feedback. Use our platform to find new products and influencers.